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Why Choose Epilution?

At Epilution, Dr. Michael Sinclair does more than lend his name to the spa. He consults with clients and provides the treatments personally. At Epilution you will always be evaluated and treated by Dr. Sinclair.

In fact, due to Dr. Sinclair's knowledge of both medicine and cosmetic technology, he now teaches other doctors about cosmetic technology and is a speaker for a major cosmetic equipment company.

We want to help you look and feel your best from head to toe. Because Epilution Med Spa is owned and operated by Dr. Sinclair, we can provide you with other kinds of services that are not available at other Med Spas. These special Med Spa Services include Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, medically supervised diet programs, prescription medication and more. If Dr. Sinclair finds a medical problem during your cosmetic consultation or treatment, we can arrange a traditional medical appointment for you with either Dr. Sinclair. This level of comprehensive service is nearly impossible to find anywhere else!

Best of all, Epilution's treatments are quick and effective with little pain and little to no downtime. Epilution's pricing is competitive and affordable. We won't be happy until you are bragging about our treatment!

About Us - The Doctor's Story


Michael J. Sinclair, M.D., FAAFP

"When I learned how to treat spider veins in 1983, I never thought I would actually do it. After all, I was a serious doctor. I studied at Henry Ford Hospital and The University of Michigan Medical School, two of the most respected medical education institutions in the world. After all those years of studying and earning "A's," I couldn't treat spider veins. Could I? In 1986, I went forward with my career as a Family Practice physician, building a solid reputation in the Western Communities and assuming positions of leadership in the medical community. At Palms West Hospital, I have served as Chairman of the Department of Family Practice and as Chief of Staff.

But along the way, the Managed Care Insurance system started making it very tough for good doctors to do the right thing for their patients. I started thinking about those spider veins that I learned to treat earlier in my career. The patients all seemed so grateful. I decided to add cosmetic medicine to my practice. I spent two years learning all I could about non-invasive cosmetic care. I carefully chose the equipment I use today based on extensive research. In the process, I have developed a strong rapport with the manufacturer, who has developed special equipment based on my experiences. I now train other doctors all over the United States how to use this equipment .

Epilution is a combination of the words Epidermis (skin) and Solution. Unlike franchises that treat clients in a cookbook way, I take the time to evaluate your skin and analyze your needs and expectations. Next I explain your options. Together we determine the best way to get you what you want. It is my passion to ensure that every client I treat receives the best cosmetic care available. We call that care, an Epilution!

The best part? Seeing how happy I make my clients. I get so many hugs! I believe we're really making a difference in these people's lives. And that's something of which I am truly proud."