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Treating Acne Scars with the Palomar Lux 1540.

Posted August 15, 2008 under Acne - No comments

I have medium olive skin (Asian) and have ice pick acne scars for 30 years. I decided to have Palomar 1540 Fractional Resurfacing. I could no go to your because I don't live in Florida. My first treatment was two weeks ago. The nurse said I would see some improvement right away; however, haven't seen anything. Prior to the treatment I used Obagi clear to lighten my skin so that I wouldn't have post pigmentation. My skin went back to normal in 6 days. The nurse used the setting at 30 and several passes. Do you think she should have used a higher setting or is that is the best setting for my skin type? Also, will 1540 help with bags under eyes? Should I continue with the treatments? I really don't want to spend alot of money and don't see improvement on my scars.

Dr. Sinclair's Response

It takes about 3-6 treatments using the Palomar 1540 treatment to get a significant improvement with ice pick acne scars. Treating the skin before and after your laser treatments with Step 3 Ultra Sheer Gel helps your skin build more collagen which is how the scars get better.



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