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Selphyl vs Fillers, which is better?

Posted May 26, 2010 under Dermal Fillers - No comments

Dr. Sinclair,
I wondered what you thought about the Selphyl system that utilizes the patients own blood to use as a filler?

Barb Slessman

Dr. Sinclair's Response

Selphyl was introduced in 2009 . The process involves taking blood from the patient mixing it in a test tube to separate blood components, adding some chemicals to make it thicken, and then injecting it into the area to be filled. You then make your own collagen to fill the depression or fold. The results take about 3 weeks from the date of the injection to become visible. The "advantage" is no foreign material is injected. It is supposed to last 12 months. The disadvantages are you can't fix it if you get a lump, you can't see the results while you are injecting it, it costs more and it takes longer to do than to use normal fillers which last just as long. I have not had any of my colleagues try it. I rarely hear about it at the meetings. I am not why anybody would use it. If I inject fillers, we can control what you look like. If we need to let the product "grow" then we have to hope that it grows enough, but not too much.



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