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Over treatment with Radiesse

Posted July 12, 2008 under Radiesse® - No comments

I have a very tiny face and the doctor who injected me, injected way too much Radiesse into my face. It has been 13 months and the product is still bulging from my face. My questions to you are:

1, Will may face go back to its original contour even though the product has been petruding from my face for so long?

2. Will the Radiesse product stimulate collagen growth in this area that I don't want it to?

Dr. Sinclair's Response

Dear Shannon, Radiesse is about 30% powder and 70% carrier gel. The gel usually dissolves within 3-6 months. The powder usually dissolves within 18 months. The collagen in your face is constantly remodeling itself. If you stop doing treatments, eventually you are most likely going to return to your pretreatment appearance.



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