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The best way to use diet pills

Posted July 09, 2008 under Weight Loss - No comments

What do think of using diet pills to lose weight?

Dr. Sinclair's Response

Diet pills can be very effective for short term use when you are trying to lose weight. The best way you can use a diet pill is to try to "get over a hump" or "break through a plateau". This means that you start your weight loss efforts with life style changes (change what and when you eat, increase your activity, etc). After you start to lose weight, most people will hit a plateau where they just stop losing weight. A diet pill can be a great tool to help you get over this plateau. Most people want to start with a diet pill because it is "easy". The problem with this is that after you stop losing weight with the diet pill, if you have not made your new life style changes a permanent part of your life you will gain all of your weight back plus a few pounds. Even worse, the weight you gain back will have a higher percentage of fat and a lower percentage of muscle than the weight you lost in the first place. This will make your future efforts at weight loss even more difficult!



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