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Q. Can IPL treatment get rid of acne scars?

No. The treatment to reduce or eliminate acne is different than the treatment to help with acne scars. Reducing acne may only reduce future scarring. For treatment of acne scars, please review the section called fractional resurfacing.

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Q. Can IPL help severe acne?

Yes. The IPL treatment helps acne in multiple ways. First, the light kills many of the bacteria that cause acne. Second, the light causes a dramatic increase in certain enzymes within the skin that reduce acne. There are many different kinds of acne. In order to decide which treatment is best for you, schedule a free consultation with Dr. Sinclair.

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Q. Can I have an IPL treatment for my acne if I am taking Accutane®?

Accutane® may make your skin much more susceptible to side effects from the treatment. Ideally you should wait at least six months after completing Accutane® before beginning treatment.

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Q. How many treatments will it take to decrease my acne?

Most patients experience a reduction in acne within one week of the first treatment. Milder cases of acne generally respond quicker than more severe cases. Most clients get significant improvement with the first treatment.

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Q. How long do I wait between IPL treatments for acne?

Treatments can be scheduled anywhere from two per week to one treatment every two weeks.

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Q. Is IPL acne treatment a permanent cure?

Each client's response to the treatment is highly variable. Typically the result should last for months to years.

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Q. Does IPL Acne Treatment hurt?

Most clients described the sensation as a rubber band snapping against the skin. The settings on the machine can be adjusted to maximize the effectiveness and minimize the discomfort.

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Q. What are the side effects of IPL acne treatment?

Beards can become patchy with bald spots. This effect may be temporary or permanent. It is also possible to get light spots, dark spots or blisters with the treatment. It is more likely that side effects will occur when treating areas other than the face. Facial skin is more resistant to side effects. To minimize the chance of side effects, we strongly recommend patch testing.

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Q. Can I be treated for acne with IPL in areas other than my face?

Yes. Acne anywhere on the body can be treated. Side effects such as dark spots, light spots, redness and blisters are more common on body acne than on facial acne. Patch testing helps reduce the chance of side effects.

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