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Q. What should I ask when I am choosing a med spa?

Noninvasive cosmetic medical procedures are extremely popular. These procedures include Botox, Juvederm, Radiesse, Dysport, Laser Hair Removal, Photofacials, Spider Vein Removal and many more. When you are looking for a place to have these very personal procedures, how can you possibly choose the best place? Here is what you should ask...

The single most important information for you to ask is, "Who is going to be doing the evaluation and the procedure?" At Epilution Med Spa, all of the evaluations and procedures are personally performed by the medical director, Dr. Michael Sinclair. Dr. Sinclair is a national instructor in the field of cosmetic medicine. He teaches physicians all over the United States and Canada how to perform injections, how to safely and effectively use lasers and how to evaluate patients.

"What will be done to minimize pain and bruising when I get my injections?" First, we have a custom-made topical anesthetic that is so strong it will actually turn your skin pale a few minutes after it is applied. This helps minimize any discomfort and bruising. We use special needles that are designed for cosmetic procedures. Inexpensive needles, such as those that are used for drawing blood and giving shots are not used at Epilution Med Spa. They get dull too quickly to be comfortably used for Botox and dermal fillers. Although the needles we use are very expensive, we are certain you will think it's worth it. There is no extra charge for the high-quality needles.

"How hard is it to get to talk to the medical director on the phone?" When you are a client at Epilution Med Spa, you will have a telephone number that goes directly to Dr. Sinclair. There is no answering service. We want you to know that if you have a concern regarding your cosmetic procedure you will get the best information as quickly as possible. If you don't believe it, try it right now! The phone number to reach Dr. Sinclair is 561-795-SKIN(7546) or 561-88-BOTOX.

"How old is the laser equipment that will be used for my procedure?" Dr. Sinclair is a national speaker. We have the very best equipment that money can buy. There are no outdated pieces of equipment used at Epilution Med Spa. In fact, some of the equipment Dr. Sinclair uses was custom-made for Dr. Sinclair and is not available anywhere else in Florida.

"If I want laser hair removal, do I need to let my hair grow (stubble) before my treatment?" Absolutely not! Some of the older equipment that is still used for laser hair removal in other med spas seems to work only if you have a certain amount of stubble at the time of treatment. Our equipment is so powerful that we do not want any hair on the skin. In fact, we will ask you to shave the area as bare as possible immediately before the procedure. There is no reason for you to be "hairy" between treatments.

"Do I have to have a dental block before my injections?" No! Dr. Sinclair has developed special techniques to minimize any discomfort associated with dermal filler injections. By using our custom made topical anesthetic, special needles and special fillers the discomfort associated with filler injections is very minimal.

"Can you do laser tattoo removal without scarring me?" Yes! The very best laser for removing tattoos is called a Q-Switched YAG. Not only do we have a Q-Switched YAG, the one we have is the very strongest Q-Switched Laser anywhere in the world. We also understand that after a number of laser treatments for tattoo removal, scar tissue will develop around the ink particles. This will prevent any further reduction in the tattoo. We have additional special lasers to solve that problem too.

"Can you help me choose skin care products that don't cost a fortune?" Yes! Most med spas will try to sell whatever national brand of skin care products they have. The price of these products generally includes a significant amount of money for advertising. Dr. Sinclair has developed an extremely effective and inexpensive skincare line that is based on published research. There are over 13,500 registered cosmeceutical ingredients. If you take the time to research these ingredients, you will find that there are only 6 ingredients that actually have proof that they work! Those are the ingredients that we use for our clients. Furthermore, Dr. Sinclair will answer your product questions, even after hours to make sure you get the best possible results.

"I don't know what I need. How much does it cost to have a consultation with Dr. Sinclair?" Consultations are free. We understand that you need help to determine the best possible treatment that fits your concerns and budget. Dr. Sinclair will be happy to chat with you in person or over the phone to help you decide what you want.

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Q. At Epilution, who provides the cosmetic treatments?

At Epilution, all of our treatments are performed by Dr. Michael Sinclair. Additional staff members are present to assist Dr. Sinclair and to make you as comfortable as possible.

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Q. What is the advantage of having a doctor treat me?

The advantage of having Dr. Sinclair evaluate and treat you personally is his knowledge and training. Dr. Sinclair not only treats his patients, but he teaches other doctors how to treat patients all over the United States. He will evaluate your skin, discuss your goals, help you develop a treatment plan and ensure that the procedure is carried out both effectively and safely.

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Q. Can the IPL or Laser treatments cause cancer?

No. Skin cancer is almost always related to exposure to ultraviolet light. Our equipment does not produce any significant amount of ultraviolet light.

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Q. What is patch testing and why do I have to have it done?

Before we treat you, we like to test a small area in case there are any side effects. Even though the side effects are generally minimal, we think the safest way to treat you is to test the settings before we begin. In the event that there is a side effect from the test patch, we will change the settings on the machine and retest you. These cautionary measures are especially important on darker skin types. By doing a test patch first, we are doing everything we can to ensure you get the best value and treatment for your money.

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Q. Why don't you offer a guarantee?

The results of any cosmetic procedure are largely subjective. We make every effort to give you the best possible result. But each client is different, and so is their response to treatment. We do our best to underpromise and overdeliver. We aren't happy until you are bragging about the results of your treatment to family and friends.

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Q. Are any of these cosmetic treatments billable to my insurance?

It would be very unusual to find an insurance company willing to pay for cosmetic procedures. If you think your insurance company will cover any portion of the treatment, we will be happy to provide you with a receipt showing the amount paid.

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Q. Can I use my medical savings account money to pay for these treatments?

The treatments we provide are considered medical treatments, even though they are provided for a cosmetic result. We do not guarantee that you can use your medical savings account, but many clients have been able to do so.

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