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Frequently Asked Questions Skin Care


Congratulations! You have found the best way to learn about skin care. Most of the freequently asked skin care questions you might be interested in are already here, organized by categories. If you come up with a really good question that we missed, we will be happy to post it here. We will even give you a coupon that you can use to get discounts on products and services. Enjoy!

Michael Sinclair, MD



Q. Are there any medications that may affect my treatment?

Yes. Some medications make your skin much more susceptible to burning. These medications include: Retin A, Accutane® and any form of tetracycline. Our doctor will review your medication list prior to treatment. Make sure you have a list of all medications you take, including non-prescription medications.

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Q. How often can I be treated with BOTOX®?

Typically clients will be treated with BOTOX® every 3-6 months. Others are happy with an annual BOTOX® treatment. Some of our clients are professional models who get treated every 8-10 weeks with BOTOX®.

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Q. What kind of side effects can I get from Radiesse® injections?

Radiesse® injections, just like any other injection, can cause some bruising and swelling. The swelling and bruising usually lasts for a few days. We have some special techniques that we use to minimize the swelling and bruising associated with Radiesse® injections. More serious side effects such are possible but very rare.

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Q. How long do I wait between IPL treatments for acne?

Treatments can be scheduled anywhere from two per week to one treatment every two weeks.

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Q. What is Fractional Resurfacing?

Fractional Resurfacing is a process by which tiny portions of the skin are treated with a laser, causing the appearance of the rest of the skin to improve. The treated areas are very small, about 30 millionths of an inch in diameter. These tiny treated areas, called microthermal zones, will cause the surrounding skin to rejuvenate.

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