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Frequently Asked Questions Skin Care


Congratulations! You have found the best way to learn about skin care. Most of the freequently asked skin care questions you might be interested in are already here, organized by categories. If you come up with a really good question that we missed, we will be happy to post it here. We will even give you a coupon that you can use to get discounts on products and services. Enjoy!

Michael Sinclair, MD



Q. Do I need to have general anesthesia to have liposuction?

NO! SlimLipo laser assisted liposuction is makes liposuction easier, more effective and safer than ever! Most lasers such as the SmartLipo are much better at heating water than melting fat. The SlimLipo is the only laser anywhere in the world that was designed to melt fat without injuring other tissue. Furthermore, after the fat is melted and removed, your skin will continue to tighten for the next six months which gives you an even better result.

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Q. Can I have an IPL treatment for my acne if I am taking Accutane®?

Accutane® may make your skin much more susceptible to side effects from the treatment. Ideally you should wait at least six months after completing Accutane® before beginning treatment.

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Q. Can Step 3 Max be used anywhere on the body?

Most of the time yes, but there are exceptions. Step 3 Max is a highly concentrated Vitamin C cream. In order for Vitamin C to penetrate into the skin, the pH has to be lowered which makes it somewhat acidic. This low pH may cause some stinging, especially around the eyes. Before you use this product, always place a tiny amount on your skin in the desired area to make sure it is not too strong for you. If it is too strong, you should use our Step 3 Ultra Sheer Gel for Delicate Skin.

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Q. What are the potential side effects of these products?

Animal based fillers can cause allergic reactions. To be safe, you must have a skin test dose before you can be treated. All fillers can cause bruising and swelling that lasts for a few days. Fillers can also cause small lumps in the skin. We prefer to use the fillers that are identical to the substances that are found in human body. The results with these fillers are instant and last for months.

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Q. What are spider veins?

Spider veins are tiny blood vessels, that are usually found on the legs. They are about 1-4 mm in size and are pink, red, blue or purple. Spider veins tend to get worse with age, increased weight, prolonged standing and pregnancy. They are more common in women but men get them too.

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