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Frequently Asked Questions Skin Care


Congratulations! You have found the best way to learn about skin care. Most of the freequently asked skin care questions you might be interested in are already here, organized by categories. If you come up with a really good question that we missed, we will be happy to post it here. We will even give you a coupon that you can use to get discounts on products and services. Enjoy!

Michael Sinclair, MD



Q. What are spider veins?

Spider veins are tiny blood vessels, that are usually found on the legs. They are about 1-4 mm in size and are pink, red, blue or purple. Spider veins tend to get worse with age, increased weight, prolonged standing and pregnancy. They are more common in women but men get them too.

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Q. Can I purchase GentleWaves Treatments?

Yes. The GentleWaves treatment will work better if the skin is prepared properly before the treatments. This preparation can be done at home with products that you can purchase at Epilution Med Spa.

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Q. Is Rosacea contagious?

No, rosacea it is not contagious. Although antibiotics are frequently used to treat rosacea, the antibiotics are being used for their anti-inflamatory properties.

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Q. What is the difference between a Fraxel treatment vs Fractional Resurfacing treatment?

Palomar Medical invented both the Fraxel Laser and the 1540 Fractional Resurfacing Laser. The Fraxel Laser works by using a single laser beam that moves back and forth across the skin that turns on and off to create the microthermal zones. This single beam of laser light tends to cause the skin to get very hot over a short period of time which seems to cause a lot of discomfort. The Fraxel Laser was sold to another company.

The newer equipment called the 1540 Fractional Resurfacing Laser works by using a much larger laser beam that is divided into smaller beams by a lens. This lens is continuously chilled and lays directly on the skin. This helps the skin stay much cooler which causes much less discomfort.

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Q. Are there any medications that may affect my treatment?

Yes. Some medications make your skin much more susceptible to burning. These medications include: Retin A, Accutane® and any form of tetracycline. Our doctor will review your medication list prior to treatment. Make sure you have a list of all medications you take, including non-prescription medications.

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