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Frequently Asked Questions Skin Care


Congratulations! You have found the best way to learn about skin care. Most of the freequently asked skin care questions you might be interested in are already here, organized by categories. If you come up with a really good question that we missed, we will be happy to post it here. We will even give you a coupon that you can use to get discounts on products and services. Enjoy!

Michael Sinclair, MD



Q. Why is Vectus so much better than other hair removal lasers

The Vectus uses a combination of features to make it work better than any other laser. First, the Vectus touches your skin 100% of the time during your treatment. Since the Vectus is very cold, this constant contact keeps the skin much colder all the time. This method of cooling makes your treatment more comfortable and safer. Second, the Vectus uses a very sophisticated laser to deliver enormous amounts of energy extremely quickly. For many patients, this super high peak power is so strong, that hairs are actually ejected from your skin during the treatment. For caucasians with dark hair even a single Vectus treatment can reduce their need to shave for up to 6 weeks.

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Q. What areas and problems can be treated with Juvederm?

Juvederm can be used to fill the nasolabial folds (the crease between the corner of the nose and the corner of the mouth). Juvederm can also be used off label to enhance the size or shape of the lips.

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Q. What skin imperfections can a Photofacial address? What are the limitations of a Photofacial?

Imperfections that are commonly treated with a Photofacial include: freckles, red spots, broken blood vessels, spider veins and variations in color. Many of our Photofacial clients report smaller pore size and reduction of fine wrinkles. A Photofacial is not intended to treat fine wrinkles or pore size, but such occurrences are a fairly common and pleasant added benefit. A Photofacial is not intended to cause temporary or permanent hair reduction, but that frequently happens as well.

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Q. What is Fractional Resurfacing?

Fractional Resurfacing is a process by which tiny portions of the skin are treated with a laser, causing the appearance of the rest of the skin to improve. The treated areas are very small, about 30 millionths of an inch in diameter. These tiny treated areas, called microthermal zones, will cause the surrounding skin to rejuvenate.

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Q. Can Juvederm be used in place of Botox?

Juvederm is intened to be used in the lower face. Botox is intended to be used in the upper face. Although there are exceptions, it is usually not a good idea to try to use Juvederm in the upper face, especially in the area between the eyebrows.

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