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Laser Hair Removal



Q. What does Permanent Hair Reduction mean?

Permanent hair reduction is the desired result of Laser Hair Removal. The treatment should cause a reduction in the number of existing hairs. Furthermore, the treatment will make the remaining hair shafts smaller, thinner and lighter in color. This reduction in the hair count, size and color is generally permanent. If the client were willing to undergo enough treatments, it is possible to permanently remove all of the hair. Most clients with light skin and dark hair can expect a 60-90% reduction in the total amount of hair after 5 treatments. Clients with blond hair or dark skin generally need about 8 treatments to get the same results.

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Q. What is the difference between IPL treatment and Laser Hair Removal?

Years ago, when light based hair reduction treatments began, the only way to get enough light to do the job was by using a laser. Other sources of light were either not bright enough or very expensive to maintain. The bulbs that were used to produce the light kept burning out. Over the last few years, a new technology called Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) has been developed to produce incredibly bright light from a bulb without the bulb burning out. The equipment we have is the most powerful IPL hair reduction equipment in the world. Not only is our equipment extremely powerful, but it also has a patented contact cooling system to make your treatment comfortable and safe. The skin does not "know" if the light is coming from a bulb or a laser. The goal is to deliver enough light to damage the hair follicle while keeping the skin cool enough to prevent pain and skin damage. Before you begin any kind of treatment, ask the person who will be treating you why they use the equipment they plan to use on you. If the answer does not make sense to you, keep shopping!

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Q. Why does it usually take a minimum of 5 treatments to get rid of unwanted hair?

Hair grows out of follicles. In order to cause permanent hair reduction, the follicles must be destroyed. When we treat you, the hair in the follicles helps transmit the light and heat to the follicle, enabling it to be destroyed. Not every follicle has a hair in it at all times. The follicles grow hair in cycles. At any given time only 20-30% of the follicles have a growing hair (scalp follicles are the exception--about 85-90% of scalp follicles have a growing hair). Without a hair in the follicle, the treatment may not affect the follicle. Even more important, surrounding each hair shaft there are groups of colorless cells called stem cells. These stem cells do not absorb any light. Furthermore, stem cells can grow a new follicle! Stem cells can only be destroyed when they are surrounding a pigmented hair shaft. It takes about six to eight weeks for each batch of new hairs to grow out of the follicles. With each treatment, another 20-30% of the follicles and stem cells will be injured or destroyed. It takes at least five treatments to injure or destroy most of the follicles.

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Q. How does my skin and/or hair color affect my treatment?

Blonde and red hairs are harder to treat because they have much less pigment than brown or black hair, and therefore less ability to absorb light. The more light the hair absorbs, the more likely the follicle and stem cells will be injured or damaged. Because blond and red hairs don't absorb as much light, it takes more treatments to injure their follicles. Gray and white hair absorb little or no light, making them very hard to treat.

Dark skin is also more difficult to treat because it absorbs much more light than light skin. In clients with dark skin, the settings on the machine have to be adjusted and reduced in order to avoid burning the skin. Because there is less light for the hair to absorb, it will take more treatments to kill the follicles.

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Q. Do I have to let my hair grow out or can I shave, use a depilatory, wax or pluck before my treatment?

In order to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment, we want as little hair ON the skin as possible. The hair below the surface of the skin will help transmit the light and heat to the follicle, but the hair above the skin just gets in the way. Because shaving and depilatories remove surface hair, but do not affect the hair below the skin, they are actually beneficial to do prior to your treatment.
Waxing or plucking before treatment will make the treatment useless, as this removes the hair we need to transmit the light and heat will not be there. Immediately after the treatment, plucking and waxing are fine.

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Q. Will Permanent Hair Reduction treatment hurt?

Most Epilution clients describe the sensation as similar to a rubber band snap and don't request any anesthesia at all. The device that touches your skin is extremely cold and generally provides a very comfortable treatment. For areas (such as the bikini area) which are more sensitive, a topical anesthetic is available.

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Q. Are there any possible complications with this treatment?

Yes. Despite careful treatment using the best and safest equipment available, there will be the occasional complication. These complications may include blisters, light spots, dark spots, redness and swelling. Most are minor and disappear with no treatment. Because you are being treated by a doctor, any complications can be addressed immediately.

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Q. Are there any medications that may affect my treatment?

Yes. Some medications make your skin much more susceptible to burning. These medications include: Retin A, Accutane® and any form of tetracycline. Our doctor will review your medication list prior to treatment. Make sure you have a list of all medications you take, including non-prescription medications.

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