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Q. What is a Photofacial?

A Photofacial is a series of light-based treatments that reduces imperfections on the surface of the facial skin. These imperfections include brown spots, freckles, red spots, sun damage and facial vessels.

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Q. How long will the results of a Photofacial last?

The results of a Photofacial will last for months to years. We strongly recommend sun block and sun avoidance as much as possible to preserve the results.

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Q. Will being out in the sun ruin a Photofacial?

Sunlight is what causes most of the damage to facial skin. The more sun you get, the more damage will recur. There is simply no such thing as a healthy tan.

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Q. What skin imperfections can a Photofacial address? What are the limitations of a Photofacial?

Imperfections that are commonly treated with a Photofacial include: freckles, red spots, broken blood vessels, spider veins and variations in color. Many of our Photofacial clients report smaller pore size and reduction of fine wrinkles. A Photofacial is not intended to treat fine wrinkles or pore size, but such occurrences are a fairly common and pleasant added benefit. A Photofacial is not intended to cause temporary or permanent hair reduction, but that frequently happens as well.

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Q. How many Photofacial treatments will I need?

Fair-skinned individuals with mild to moderate damage generally get a very good result with three to four Photofacial treatments. Individuals with moderate to severe sun damage may benefit from more than four Photofacial treatments. Once the initial series of Photofacial treatments is complete, clients may benefit from occasional repeat Photofacial treatments to maintain the results as much as possible.

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Q. Are there any side effects associated with Photofacials?

Yes. After each treatment, freckles on the face tend to get very dark. Over the next several days to weeks these dark freckles flake off, leaving a much improved appearance. There may also be some mild pinkness or redness and swelling that resolves within hours to a few days. On a rare occasion, the client may experience a blister.

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Q. If a man gets a Photofacial, what affect will it have on the beard?

It is entirely possible that beard growth will be affected. The beard may become patchy with bald spots. This effect may be temporary or permanent. The darker the beard, the more likely it will be affected. White and gray beards are rarely affected.

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Q. What medications affect a Photofacial?

Any medication that can make your skin more sensitive to sunlight will increase the chances of side effects with a Photofacial. These medications include: Retin-A, Accutane® and any form of tetracycline.

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Q. Can I combine a Photofacial with Laser Hair Removal? with BOTOX®? with a dermal filler?

It is perfectly fine to have a photofacial and BOTOX® and dermal fillers such as Restylane®, Radiesse and Juvederm on the same day. It would be unwise to have a Photofacial and a treatment for facial permanent hair reduction on the same day because of the amount of heat that will be delivered to the skin. If you wish to have facial permanent hair reduction and a Photofacial, discuss it with Dr. Sinclair so you can be scheduled appropriately.

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