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Skin Tightening



Q. What is Fractional IR Skin Tightening?

Fractional Infrared Skin Tightening is the process by which infrared heat is used to tighten the skin, while simultaneously protecting the skin's surface.

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Q. What parts of the body can be treated with Fractional IR Skin Tightening?

It can be used anywhere on the body that is not excessively boney. Common treatment areas for Skin Tightening include cheeks, neck, underarms and around the belly button.

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Q. Will Fractional IR Skin Tightening work on cellulite?

Yes, but only on small areas. The current device is too small to work on larger areas, such as buttocks and thighs. A larger version will be available soon. If you wish to be notified when the larger device will be available, send us an email.

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Q. How long does each Fractional IR Skin Tightening treatment take?

The treatment time is directly related to the size of the area being treated. An area about the size of the front of the neck or the area around the belly button can be treated in about 30-45 minutes. Faces take a little longer to treat because of the bony structures that have to be avoided, such as the chin, nose and cheek bones.

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Q. How many Fractional IR Skin Tightening treatments will I need before I see an improvement?

Patients say they feel their skin is tighter after just one or two treatments. The skin starts to look tighter after two or three treatments. The tightening will continue to improve for four to six months after the last treatment, and then stabilize. A total of three to five treatments are typical.

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Q. How often can I have a Fractional IR Skin Tightening treatment?

We recommend waiting one month between Fractional IR Skin Tightening treatments. This gives the skin a chance to recover and prepare for the next treatment.

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Q. How does Fractional IR Skin Tightening treatment compare to a surgical face lift?

Fractional IR Skin Tightening treatment usually has no associated downtime, and no anesthesia is required. There is no bleeding or scarring and very little risk of infection. The treatment is comfortable—relaxing even.
Facelifts have none of the above benefits. Fractional IR Skin Tightening treatments are designed to treat mild to moderate loose skin. Facelifts do a better job of tightening severely loose skin.

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Q. Does Fractional IR Skin Tightening hurt?

No. Each pulse lasts about 10 seconds. Initially, the skin feels very cold, then warm to hot (but not burning), and then cold again. The equipment settings are adjusted to minimize any discomfort while maximizing the results.

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