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Botox West Palm Beach

Botox West Palm Beach

People who want Botox that live in West Palm Beach have many choices. There are many things to consider when choosing where to receive your Botox treatment. The first issue that needs to be decided is where you want to have your Botox treatment. Many people assume that if they go to a doctor in West Palm Beach, the doctor will personally inject the Botox. That is not always the case. Many doctors are "too busy" to be bothered to take the time to inject the Botox, so they have an assistant that will inject your Botox. This assistant may be a nurse or a physician's assistant. Although almost anybody is physically capable of injecting Botox, the results you will not always be the same with every injector. It takes time, practice and an artistic eye in addition to proper training to be a skillful Botox Injector.

Many of the places that offer Botox injections in West Palm Beach don't actually have any doctor on site at all. Instead, many of these Med Spas will have a Medical Director who is paid to have their name hang on the wall but is almost never present at the Med Spa. That is because most Medical Directors have their own practice somewhere else. Most Medical Directors rarely have anything to do with the actual operation of the Med Spa. They are merely paid a fee for allowing the Med Spa to user their name as the Medical Director. When you are talking to the Med Spa, ask them if you will be able to meet with the Medical Director during your appointment. You may be amazed to find out that you will NEVER be able to meet the Medical Director!

At Epilution Med Spa your entire Botox evaluation, treatment and follow up will be taken care of personally by Dr. Michael Sinclair. Dr. Sinclair is an expert Botox injector who actually teaches other doctors how to inject Botox. After your treatment, Dr. Sinclair will personally call you to make sure that you are getting the desired result. For people that live in West Palm Beach, there is no better place to receive Botox injections than Epilution Med Spa.