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Laser hair removal west palm beach

Tattoo Removal West Palm Beach

If you are considering Tattoo Removal West Palm Beach, you will have a lot of choices and a lot of questions to ask. There are lots of Tattoo Removal options, but not very many good Tattoo Removal options.

The reason Tattoo Removal is so difficult is that the molecules of ink in the tattoo are too large to be absorbed by your body. There are no chemicals that will remove a tattoo. Any chemical that could remove a tattoo would destroy your skin and leave you with a permanent scar. The only way to do Tattoo Removal in West Palm Beach or any other place is to shatter the tattoo ink with a laser into tiny pieces that can be absorbed by your body.

Lasers that are used for hair removal will not remove a tattoo because those lasers are designed to heat the hair shaft and follicle. You can't remove a tattoo with heat.  You need a laser that blinks the light on and off so fast that the ink does not get hot, it shatters. To remove a tattoo you need a laser that can blink the light on and off over the course of a few billionths of a second with enormous amounts of energy. 

We use a Q-Switched Yag Laser to remove tattoos in West Palm Beach. Our laser can blink the light on and off in 2.5 billionths of a second and deliver up to 140 Million Watts of power to remove the tattoo. If you are shopping for the best place to have your tattoo removed in West Palm Beach, ask the question, "What is the pulse duration of your laser?" If they don't know the answer, then you are dealing with somebody that is not an expert in tattoo removal in West Palm Beach, keep shopping! Or just give us a call at 561-795-7546 about your Tattoo Removal West Palm Beach. Dr. Sinclair will speak to you personally over the phone or in person for no charge. 




Tattoo Removal West Palm Beach