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Clarisonic MD Brush Basic Skin Care


Q.) Can Step 3 Max be used anywhere on the body?

A.) Most of the time yes, but there are exceptions. Step 3 Max is a highly concentrated Vitamin C cream. In order for Vitamin C to penetrate into the skin, the pH has to be lowered which makes it somewhat acidic. This low pH may cause some stinging, especially around the eyes. Before you use this product, always place a tiny amount on your skin in the desired area to make sure it is not too strong for you. If it is too strong, you should use our Step 3 Ultra Sheer Gel for Delicate Skin.

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Product Details

There are over 13,000 ingredients that are currently available in skin care products. Every manufacturer claims their product "works"...whatever "works" means. The truth is, out of all of those 13,000 ingredients, only 6 ingredients have real scientific proof to back up those claims. Real proof means scientific studies conducted by researchers or doctors that show these 6 ingredients actually do something beneficial to the skin. Just six!! There are an additional 20 ingredients that look promising, but they have very little scientific data to back them up. And what about all of the rest? be honest...most of what you read is marketing hype. Most of the time, the claims that you read that say a product works are based on very small studies.

For example, if 10 people are asked (or even paid) to try a product, and only 5 of them respond to a "survey", and 4 of those that responded said, "they liked the product" and one said the "product was awful" or "the product did nothing at all", the manufacturer can say that according to a study the product works 80% of the time! THAT IS NOT PROOF! That is marketing hype.

To make matters even more complicated, in order for the 6 ingredients to work, they have to be used correctly. That means that  the products have to have the right amount of those ingredients, at the right pH, with the right carrier vehicle and they have to be applied for the right amount of time. Even the time of day the products are applied can have an impact on whether or not they cause the desired effect.

To avoid getting sued, the manufacturers frequently use a dirty trick in their advertising. Look carefully at the manufacturers claims. Very often, the manufacturer will claim that their product, "improves the appearance of ..." whatever ailment they are trying to cure. Did you ever wonder why they don't say, "improves wrinkles" vs "improves the appearance of wrinkles"? The reason they add the phrase, "the appearance of" is because that phrase doesn't mean anything at all! So long as the manufacturer uses the correct phrase, they can't be sued. They have not made any real claim that their product works. Now try to find a product that says, "improves wrinkles"!