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Q.) Can Step 3 Max be used anywhere on the body?

A.) Most of the time yes, but there are exceptions. Step 3 Max is a highly concentrated Vitamin C cream. In order for Vitamin C to penetrate into the skin, the pH has to be lowered which makes it somewhat acidic. This low pH may cause some stinging, especially around the eyes. Before you use this product, always place a tiny amount on your skin in the desired area to make sure it is not too strong for you. If it is too strong, you should use our Step 3 Ultra Sheer Gel for Delicate Skin.

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Sensitive Skin & Eye Lid Care

Delicate skin

deserves delicate treatment!

The skin around and under the eyes is more delicate and more sensitive to sun damage than any other skin. You can rejuvenate delicate skin with our powerful but gentle Step 3 Ultra Sheer Gel with Tetrahexyldecly Ascorbate.

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Step 3 Ultra Sheer Gel

A stable fat soluble form of Vitamin C made for delicate skin including the eye lids.


   Step 3 Ultra Sheer Gel