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One of the most experienced LASIK surgeons in New York provides information regarding laser eye surgery. contains information about top lasik surgeon Dr. Dello Russo.


Dr. Joseph Dello Russo

Dr. Joseph Dello Russo offers information about New York Top Lasik surgeon Dr. Dello Russo, who has been performing Lasik surgery for many years utilizing lasers to help patients improve their vision.


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Your resource for a top lasik surgeon in New York. This resource contains facts about Dr. Dello Russo in the field of laser eye surgery.


Lap Band Los Angeles

oBand surgery centers provide bariatric weight loss and lap band surgeries accredited by the American College of Surgeons with centers in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Miami

Dello Russo lasik reviews offers information about the truth behind LASIK and rules out the myths. This website has information about laser eye surgery and surgeons who perform it. Visit to learn more if you think you could be a potential candidate for lasik surgery.

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