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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.) What is Radiesse®?
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Megan Marchant - Sales

I've been going to Dr. Sinclair for about 3 years now and have had all around good experiences. He has taken his time at every visit to thoroughly answer all of my aesthetic and health related questions. Dr. Sinclair is good humored, warm hearted, and has always personally followed up to make sure I'm doing well. In addition, his staff is friendly and welcoming. I will continue to go to Dr. Sinclair to keep my skin beautiful and healthy.

Meagan M.



Debra Strand - Radio Host

Dear Dr. Sinclair, I have been going to another Doctor for services for several years now and feel like I was just aging with no way to stop the look of it. After just an hour with you and no more than I usually pay for marginal results, I am again getting the compliments of how great i look and having my age guess for about 10 years younger than I really am. I am so happy to be back in your care and the services you provide!

Debra Strand



Tracy Copertino - Cosmetologist

I have had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Sinclair and I had a few health issues I needed help with. I do not have insurance and I was left with nothing after my divorce.
Dr. Sinclair saw me in his office and did his best to financially and medically help me. He was patient and kind with me. He did the necessary labs and medical treatments that I needed at a reasonable and affordable rate because he knew I needed the help. I trust his medical opinion and his medical expertise. He has given me the answers to my medical problems and has given me the proper treatment and course of action to deal with them. I feel good now and I know I am headed in the right direction to get better.

I have seen him with other patients and his staff and he is a genuinely caring and fun loving man. I will continue to see Dr. Sinclair as long as he is in practice. He is a great doctor and an even better friend. I recommend him for your medical health care provider. He is smart and knowledgeable about the the functions of the human body. Everything works together in our bodies and he can educate you on why and how certain issues are going on with you. I like that a doctor can relay information about your health issues back to you in plain English.

Tracy Copertino, CST
West Palm Beach, FL



Jennifer Schnipper - Marketer

This past June I gave birth to my second sweet baby boy and 16 days later I turned 40. Typically, one of these huge milestones in any woman's life would have her running for the fountain of youth, let alone both of them simultaneously.

Fortunately, I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Michael Sinclair and within my first 2 visits I received botox and laser treatments with amazing results and will be pursing other treatments to include fat transfer and body contouring. Dr. Sinclair is an extraordinary physician and more importantly he is a truly caring person. He is passionate and dedicated to taking the time to answer any and all questions and exudes skill and knowledge about the latest and greatest techniques and products. I wouldn't trust most doctors with my face and body but I don't think twice with Dr. Sinclair.

Jennifer Witt Schnipper



Boriana Allen - Botox, Restylane and Skin Care Products

I have known Dr. Sinclair since 1995. He was my Primary care doctor for years. Ten years ago I moved away and I haven't seen him since. In the mean time beside his regular Medical Practice he started Epilution Med Spa. I learned about it and decided to visit the spa since I already knew Dr. Sinclair and knew he is a great physician.

I have visited med spas Florida and in Europe also, and have never before been completely satisfied with the results. In fact I have become more and more overwhelmed and frustrated with each new place or doctor I have visited, until now.

I am so happy and thrilled with my decision to go to Epilution Med Spa, I will never go anywhere else. It was a relief to sit down with Dr. Sinclair for a very honest and friendly and relaxing consultation. Dr. Sinclair has created an atmosphere of warmth and kindness while providing excellent results.

I received a Botox treatment with the best results I have ever had. Dr. Sinclair performs all the procedures himself. I also purchased Dr. Sinclair's own skin care products which were extremely affordable. I can already see remarkable results in my skin. I went to an event the other day and a few people asked me what make up I am using, “because it looks great”. The truth was for a first time in many years I did not have any make up on my face!

I strongly recommend Dr. Sinclair and his med spa. It is a very comfortable environment with great services and most importantly great results!

Boriana Allen



Holly Neary - Pharmacist

I love my skin! I haven't been able to say that for several years when brown patches appeared and the texture of my skin on my face began to change. When I began noticing this change I went to several doctors including a dermatologist and an internist. I was tested for everything from hormone changes to lupus or an infection. Even though each doctor gave me a regimin to follow and prescribed medications, nothing was helping. I then went to several day spas and tried peels, microderm abrasion, and facials. Still nothing worked. I was given a wonderful Christmas gift of very expensive natural creams for my face that were supposed to help but didn't. It even got to the point that friends, coworkers, and even patients in my pharmacy would ask about my face and if it was a large birthmark on my cheek!

About one month ago I met Dr Sinclair and asked about a couple of procedures. He immediately noticed my face and I told him to not even look because nothing helped. I told him of my trials and he said "I can make it better!" I shook my head and laughed but agreed. I took two products home and spent less than I had on a facial and products at a day spa. Withing ten days I noticed improvement and now at thirty days, I am amazed. I just went in for my check up and I saw my "before" pictures. Even without seeing the pictures I had realised I could go without makeup and not see brown patches in the mirror, but I did not remember how bad it was before!

Thank you, I am a forever patient!
Holly Neary



Deb Lee - Ultrasound Technician

Dr. Sinclair,

Thank you so much for taking ten years off my appearance!! The service that I received went far above my expectations. I am just so amazed at how clearer and younger my skin looks after you did my photofacial. All the brown spots just flaked off, it was so comfortable and there was no down time. I am truly thankful to you and your staff. I will be sending you all of my friends!

Deb Lee



Sabrina Morgen - Chiropractor

Dear Dr. Sinclair,

I cannot express enough my sincere gratitude and appreciation for your cosmetic work, the laser scar removal. As a busy health care professional, I appreciate the extended hours not having to take time away from my patients to receive your treatments.

Initially, I had feelings of trepidation. However, the treatments only took a few minutes and after 5 sessions I have noticed a 90% improvement as the scar is barely visible.

You have an amazing wealth of knowledge and know which lasers are most appropriate and utilize the latest technology. Not many cosmetic physicians have the desire or capability to offer the most advanced technology. Since you are a national speaker and train other physicians on how to perform cosmetic procedures this adds value to the patient experience.

I would highly recommend your cosmetic services to any person wanting to improve their quality of life.

With Gratitude,

Sabrina Morgen, DC
June 26, ,2010



Dina R. - Communications

Hi Dr. Sinclair,

I had been thinking about getting a filler like Juvederm for a few years. I've had friends who had Botox and were happy but I'm so afraid of needles! When I turned 41 and looked so much older than I felt- I knew it was time to at least explore my options. Being new to south Florida and not having many friends- I went to the Internet. Boy did I get lucky. I searched under "best Juvederm west palm beach" and your site came up. I looked at the testimonials and made an appointment for a consultation. You were so kind and warm- and even though I was afraid and nervous I decided to go for it and trust you. I'm so glad I did. Those two tubes of Juvederm took at least 10 years off my appearance. I was shocked and amazed at the results- and how much it DIDN'T hurt me. I was prepared for burning, bruising and swelling- but I did not have those experiences at all! After my session with you I was just transfixed on how my dreams had come true - right in front of my eyes in real time. It truly was everything I'd hoped for and more. Thank you Dr. Sinclair!!

May 12th, 2010



Barbara C. - Futures Trader

I have super sensitive skin easily irritated by almost every skincare lotion and potion I've tried either over the counter or dermatologist recommended. Until now! Dr. Sinclair suggested I try the Ultra Sheer Gel for Sensitive Skin and after using it for over a month, I've had absolutely no negative skin reaction including the delicate area around my eyes. It quickly absorbs into the skin leaving my face feeling smooth, soft and radiant. People have noticed my skin is glowing and I refer them to the Epilution website not only for the products but also for the education that Dr. Sinclair provides. Now that I found the Ultra Sheer Gel, I'm looking forward to trying the next Epilution product recommended for me. Not only did I finally find a skincare product that works BUT accomplished it long distance since I live in the Northeast.




Vivan Fraga - OB/GYN Physician

Dear Mike,

From a physician to a physician, thank you so much for your time, care, and expertise. It goes without saying that I am truly pleased with my Radiesse and Juvederm. Flying down to Florida from Maryland is worth the trip and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Vivian Fraga, MD




Patty Lee - Model

Dear Dr. Sinclair,

I am a Part Time Professional Model and recently Had Botox administrated by you. I have been receiving Botox injections for the past 10 years. You are a true expert. Honestly, you are the best injector I have ever encountered and the results are magnificent (minimum pain and no bruising). In addition, you personally phoned me to make sure I was completely satisfied. Thank you,Thank you, Thank you!!

Patty Lee



Lauren Simmons - Photographer

Dear Dr. Sinclair,

Your Photo Facial laser, in conjunction with Epilution Spa's face gel, worked wonders on my sun and age spots, as well as on my freckles and skin texture. What amazing technology! In the hands of a genius with a Stephen Hawking-esque grasp of the science involved... all I can say is it's a match made in heaven for all us, ladies and men alike. You reversed the natural aging process and boosted my confidence and, in turn, the initial impression I make on others. A million thanks!
With the most sincere gratitude,

Lauren Simmons



Rena R - Home maker

Dr. Sinclair,

It's been a little over a week since my visit with you and I love it all! I cannot believe that my face did not bruise at all around the Juvederm injection site, not one tiny discoloration! Since I'm an instructor I was worried, but worried for nothing! The Botox around my eyes has taken affect, yeah!

I just want to commend you on how wonderful you were, you treated me like I was your favorite patient! You took such time with me to be sure that the Juvederm was placed exactly right to give me the best look, so when you said "Damn I'm good" I can confirm that you have every right to say it! With the anesthetic you used along with the tiny needles and your gentle artistic touch, it did not hurt at all. Most of the time I didn't even know the needle was in my face.

You were fantastic, I have never had such a good experience with any doctor. Personality just exudes from you, you are funny, personable, and you didn't try to sell me anything....You're awesome and yes "Damn, you're good!" I will only be coming to you for all my skincare needs.

Rena R



Sarah Blake - Teacher

I work two demanding, stressful jobs: high school English teacher and single-mother of two. My day begins at 4:30 a.m. when I'm off to the gym to move the blood to my head and the energy to my limbs. By 6:00 I'm home beginning the day's nagging. One morning as I was drying my face, I realized that I was that haggard-looking woman peering back from the mirror. At 52, I decided it was high time I did something for myself. A friend of mine had just completed a series of photofacials with Dr. Sinclair. I remembered her telling me how freeing it was not to wear makeup for the first time in years. Her results are remarkable. Unlike my friend who suffered from rosacea, I simply suffered the consequences of far too much sun and not enough sleep. My results, however, are no less dramatic. The broken blood vessels on my face eradicated, the dark circles under my eyes lightened, and the crepe-like skin under my eyes tightened, I too now know the freedom of washing my face, applying sunscreen, and running out the door knowing I won't frighten the elderly or the young. During my treatments, Dr. Sinclair clearly explained all aspects of the procedure and what results I could expect. He took time to answer all my questions, and he described what he was doing during all phases of the process. His staff was welcoming and accommodating. Every morning at 7:15, I face 27 stern judges. I wish I could say that they are so enthralled by my erudition that they don't notice my appearance, but they definitely do. In fact, they can sense fatigue or insecurity like dogs smell fear. Thanks to Dr. Sinclair, I enter my classroom with new-found confidence, knowing that whatever those kids are staring at, it isn't brown spots on my face!



Ruthie Molloy - Owner of Illuminare Cosmetics

I'm in the beauty business and so I am very careful to take care of my skin, yet no matter how well I try, time marches on and things begin to change. Fine lines turn into deep lines; skin begins to sag and becomes discolored. But thanks to Dr. Michael Sinclair, I feel I can now age gracefully and contentedly. I found out about Dr. Sinclair by searching online one day and what I read and saw convinced me that this doctor really knew what he was doing.

He is an expert at Botox, Juvederm, Lasers, “light” facials and more. I set up an appointment and the visit changed everything about the way I understood getting Botox or facial fillers to be. I had been to many other people in the past for a little Botox here and a little Juvederm there over the past few years, but I always felt that there were things that just never got fixed the way I had hoped. I'd always left with bruises after any treatment and most used very large needles which hurt a lot! Not so with Dr. Sinclair, and I love what he's done for me so much that I want to encourage all of you considering having “something done” to visit him.

Dr. Sinclair studies your face in the way an artist would look at a painting. He listened very intently to my requests and made me feel understood and also very secure knowing I was in good hands. Then he went to work using the thinnest needle I've ever seen to administer expert placement of Juvederm and Botox, so surely and quickly that I didn't even feel it nor did I develop any bruises, only smooth lineless looking skin!

Everyone who works with him supports each other as a team to make your experience relaxing and comfortable. I am thrilled with my results, and I know you will be too!

Ruth E. Molly



Connie O. - Homemaker

I just felt the need to write and express my thanks for, not only the fantastic results of my Botox injections, but for the experience of dealing with Dr. Sinclair and his staff. I was hesitant to do Botox at first. As a mom, I tend to put everyone else's needs above my own. However, I finally decided I wanted to try to get rid of the wrinkles which were starting to make me look older than I feel! So, I booked the appointment, not knowing what to expect. Right from the beginning, I was welcomed by Luann, who is so caring and sweet. She explained how the procedure would go, showed me where everything is and made me feel right at home. If I had any apprehension left, it all but dissipated when Dr. Sinclair made his introduction. He put me at ease with his jokes and light hearted manner. He immediately felt like an old friend and not some intimidating doctor. Best of all, the procedure was practically pain free, which I did not expect it to be. Within a couple of days, I really began to see a big difference in my face. My forehead wrinkles and crows feet were disappearing and my brows were even lifting. My husband kept telling me how great I look. I felt a boost of confidence from viewing my appearance in the mirror and started to feel like I was looking more my real age, which never does seem to get any older in your mind, now does it? I just had my first Botox touch up and am so glad I am doing this for myself. I can't imagine ever going to anyone other than Dr. Sinclair. He knows exactly how to bring out the beauty in a woman and he makes you feel beautiful while doing it. Thanks again, Dr. Sinclair!



Angela B. - Pharmaceutical Drug Rep-Derm Products

Dr. Sinclair, I just wanted to drop a note. I have had somewhat problem skin for a few years. I was really getting pores were huge and I would get acne even at 28. It was embarassing as I am a pharmaceutical sales rep and I call on dermatologists. No doctor had ever offered me their services except for you. I cannot even begin to thank you for what you did. You are a caring great doctor who has made such a postitve impact in my life. My skin now is flawless including the way it looks and feels all of my friends, family and my husband has seen the difference. Thank you so much. I would recommend you to anyone who ever asks about my skin and the dynamic quality it is now in because of you. Thank you!



Kim A. - Marketer, Boutique Owner

I wanted to send you a note to say thank you for the tremendous work you did with my botox injections on my forhead and then the Radiesse where my smile lines are! Who knew smile lines would ever cause such a look of aging? I was back home in late September and just went back for the holidays, so obviously not a long time between visits. I have never had more people tell me how great I look or say I have never looked better in my life! (of course not wanting to tell a room filled with almost everyone I know what I had done). I am terrible at taking compliments, so although it was embarassing to some degree - I can credit much of it to you and thus, much more palatable. My first experience with Botox or any cosmetic improvement for that matter, was earlier this summer and obviously overdue at the age of 42. I went to another doctor who has a very good reputation and I had Botox done and a few veins treated. She was very late for each appointment, then I was rushed in and out, she barely explained the procedure even when I asked questions, and as I showed you after 5 or 6 visits for surface leg veins, they are actually worse and still show bruising from my last visit which was sometime in June! Well the point of this note is to simply say thank you for all your time, professionalism, tremendous work and talent. You understand the importance of looking youthful, but natural. The importance of suggesting enhancements but not selling unecessary procedures. There are a million doctors to choose from in Palm Beach County and so many I see written up in magazines and so called 'experts', but I have friends in the beauty and cosmetic surgery business look at me and be impressed, so you can be sure I will refer you to anyone I can. I am so happy to have found you and your delightful staff and thank you for everything.



Susan R. - Teacher

“When I finally overcame my fear and decided to try laser hair removal, there was only one physician I trusted to do the procedure-Dr. Sinclair. He placed me at ease as he gently led me through each step of what was a painless procedure! If I'd realized how safe, pain-free and effective laser hair removal could be, I would have made this decision years ago. What a difference it has made in my life!”



Michael Z. - Railroad Engineer

“My wife had purchased a surprise gift of laser hair removal for my face. She saw a solution to my constant complaints of razor burns and daily shaving. As skeptical as I was, an alternative to the daily routine of shaving seemed worth the chance. After several sessions, the need for daily shaves is now a thing of the past. I don't have any more skin irritation or razor burn. I wish this had been available long ago! Thanks for everything,.”



Mariellen S. - Paralegal

“After years of painful waxing, the bumps associated with shaving, and the burn of hair removal creams, I decided to give laser hair removal a try. I was a bit skeptical, but Dr. Sinclair was very patient. He always made sure I was adequately prepared and talked to me during each procedure. I really felt comfortable! He even called to check on me a day or two after each session. It turned out to be a great success after only a few sessions!”



Kevin G. - Computer Technician

“I have had severe problems with acne since I was a teenager. I went to many dermatologists over the years who only gave me temporary solutions. Luckily, on a routine visit to Dr. Sinclair, he mentioned the option of laser treatment for acne. It has only been a month so far, and I am already seeing great results on my back and shoulders. I highly recommend Dr. Sinclair!”



Yvonne T. - Dental Assistant

“I have had Botox injections over the years, but it has never been as skillful, effective or painless as when done by Dr. Sinclair. It is obvious he has studied to learn the best technique and placement for the desired result. I look forward to taking advantage of the other cosmetic treatments he is now offering.”



Meryl F. - Law Office Manager

“Thank you for taking the time to thoroughly explain your procedures during our consultation. I have been considering a consultation for cosmetic purposes for quite a while and you have alleviated many of my concerns. You were very patient with all of my questions. Your staff is very pleasant and made my experience with your office a positive one. I cannot imagine how it would be possible to find a better physicain.”



Jacqueline R. - Pharmaceutical Representative

“I have been receiving my cosmetic laser hair removal treatments from Dr. Sinclair and I have absolutely loved the experience. I was a little apprehensive at first but Dr. Sinclair was very patient with me and explained the procedure completely so that I felt very comfortable and confident that I was receiving my treatment from a knowledgeable and experienced physician. I was pleasantly surprised and happy to receive the follow-up phone calls from him just to check in with me to make sure everything was A-OK. In a world of "rush lets get it done" it is a welcome relief to come across a practice and a physician that makes your cosmetic experience feel so special. To you and your staff, Thank you!”



Jill A. - Horse Trainer

“I go to Dr. Sinclair not only for medical purposes but for Botox and Restylane as well. I have never been to a doctor that pays more attention to detail than Dr. Sinclair. He really takes his time and is truly concerned about the outcome of the procedures he is performing. I have referred friends to Dr. Sinclair and I recommend him to anyone who is interested in any of the cosmetic procedures he performs. His results are awesome!”



Sandy D - Ultrasound Technologist

“I'm thrilled with the results of the laser treatments you gave me! I was pleasantly surprised to discover how painless it was. You made me laugh and I enjoyed a pleasant conversation with you while you flashed the light on my skin. That's all there was to it! Minutes later, I walked out of your office in no more pain than when I walked in, only to discover that I no longer had to shave! This has saved me valuable time in my life. In addition, age spots faded over the next several days, leaving my skin looking younger than before. Now when someone invites me on the spur of the moment to go swimming I can do so without worrying about shaving beforehand or the irritation shaving caused my skin. Thank you so much.”



Marihope D. - Medical Assistant

“After just a few treatments, I have no rosacea outbreaks, no blotchy red cheeks, no ugly brown spots on my face. Thank you Dr Sinclair!”



Chris R. - Police Officer

“After having rosacea for many years and using topical prescription medications for years with no improvement, I began to believe I was always going to dislike what I saw in the mirror. My face and neck were very red. After talking to Dr. Sinclair I decided to have a photofacial. After one treatment, my face was about ten shades lighter! I was surprised, there wasn't a lot of pain. Dr. Sinclair called several times in the next few days to see how I was doing. Now I am having my neck and chest treated! I thank him every time I look into a mirror!!”



Susan D. - Registered Nurse

“I have been wanting to have my bikini hair removed for a long time. I was afraid to have it done because I wanted a doctor to do the procedure. Every place I went said they had doctors "available," whatever that means, but not one place actually had a doctor that was willing to do the procedure. Then I heard about Epilution. Dr. Sinclair not only did the consultation, he personally performed the procedure. I was so impressed! Each treatment took less than 10 minutes, and the treatments were painless! He and his staff made me feel so comfortable. After 5 treatments, I am hair free. I am so happy!”



Francine S. - Teacher

“For years, shaving has been a time consuming drudgery. I was thrilled to have hair removal performed by Dr. Michael Sinclair. He utilizes the latest in technology. It was nearly painless and the results were amazing. After only 4 treatments, I received the results I desired. I would recommend this type of hair removal by Dr. Michael Sinclair to anyone that chooses to be free of unwanted hair.”



Lisa B. - Vaccine Representative

“My experience with Dr. Sinclair and his office staff has been impeccable. I have been so pleased with the treatments and service I have received that I drive 45 minutes from home to get to his office. The results have been great. I feel as though I am a VIP at each and every visit. He and his staff customize whatever treatment I need according to my skin condition. When I go to his office, I feel very confident that I am getting the best possible treatment. I highly recommend Dr. Sinclair and his staff to my family and friends!”



Wanda M. - Homemaker

“I am writing to let you know how absolutely wonderful I feel due to your treatment! I waited for years to treat my unwanted hair. becuase I have had friends who had such bad experiences at other spas. Now, it is such an incredible feeling for me to not be self conscious. I have always had to wax on a regular basis. The waxing chore will forever be a past memory. I am truly excited! .



Judy Zeitz - Entertainer

“I would like to comment on the incredible success of your bikini line laser treatments. I wanted relief from waxing and pulling hair from my bikini line. Now, I have no more healing from waxing and shaving. No more tweezing stray hairs. No more burning from salt or chlorinated pool water. You took such good care of me! I couldn't be happier over the results! You're the best!!”



Cindy Ross - Cosmeceutical Representative

“As a person who talks with Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons and other skin care professionals about medical skin care products it is imperative that my skin looks perfect on my face and my hands. Dr. Sinclair has removed all of the broken capillaries that gave my skin an irritated and very red appearance. His treatment is fantastic! I no longer wear facial makeup and my skin looks flawless! My hands were dotted with age spots that were very unattractive. The spots gave away my age. Dr. Sinclair took ten years off the appearance of my hands with one treatment. The difference in my hands is dramatic! My hands are totally clear of any age spots and I feel completely comfortable exposing my hands. Dr. Sinclair's treatments have made a significant difference in my life both professionally and socially.



Heather Auberry - Insurance Adjuster

“I am extremely happy with the hair removal that I have received over the past few months. I wanted to have my bikini hair removed, but I heard that it hurts and does not always work. I have many friends that have paid for the same service elsewhere and they are still having to return for treatments because it is not working. In addition, I always heard that light hair like mine is the hardest to remove. After talking to you, I decided to give it a shot. Well, I'm glad that I did because it worked great! I am so pleased with the results! Thank you so much. I would recommend you and your services to anyone.”



Tracey Varjabedian - Real Estate Agent

“I am 42 years old and I have rosacea. I have struggled with blotchy skin and break outs since I was 15 years old. I have tried Proactive, microdermabrasion, glycolic acid peels, toners and every home remedy known. I was very skeptical when you suggested I try your skin treatment. Not only were you suggesting something that didn't require me to hide for a week, but it was very inexpensive. I decided to give your treatment a chance. I can't believe the results! Within a few weeks I had the peaches and cream skin I have always wanted. Where have you been all my life? Thank you Dr. Sinclair!!”



Kim Reed - Dental Hygenist

“I am a loyal patient of Dr. Sinclair's. I am living proof that with the use of the laser, there is no downtime, very little discomfort and fantastic results! Dr. Sinclair is also an expert with Botox. The way he injects it, it is virtually painless! Dr. Sinclair not only helped my physical appearance, he also gave me a boost to my self-esteem!”


Frequently Asked Questions

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